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Who could have deliberately released a rare and deadly African plague that is now spreading uncontrollably throughout America's largest urban areas? A lone determined doctor desperately and fearlessly searches for the truth, but she soon finds herself targeted for death as well. With time running out to save human kind, Dr. Marissa Blumenthal discovers that the strange disease may have actually been unleashed by the medical establishment itself. (Film Affinity)

British release date: August 01, 1998
Us release date: May 08, 1995

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Us artwork from the TV movie Virus

Main Cast

  • Marissa Blumenthal
  • Dr. Harbuck
  • Tad
  • Dr. Dubcheck
  • Dr. Williams
  • Dr. Clayman
  • Dr. Reginald Holloway
  • Dr. Newman
  • Restaurant Host
  • Man in Morgue
  • Ms. Hopper
  • L.A. Reporter
  • Reporter #1
  • Cop
  • Doorman

Also Known As

  • Formula for Death (inc)
  • Robin Cook's Virus (inc)
  • Robin Cook's Formula for Death (uk)

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