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Eden Island. Beautiful, idyllic and suddenly the most terrifying place on earth. Scientifically-enhanced snakes bred for their venom have now broken free from a remote research facility. They're out for more than a bite to eat - they won't stop until every human has been devoured. With no time to lose, the handful of survivors must call on their own ingenuity and courage against the insatiable vipers.

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French poster from the TV movie Vipers

Main Cast

  • Nicky Swift
  • Cal Taylor
  • Burton
  • Maggie Martin
  • Hank Brownie
  • Dr. Collins
  • Dr. Silverton
  • Sheriff Hendricks
  • Jack Martin
  • Ellie Martin
  • John Staffen
  • Georgie
  • Rob
  • Jen
  • Dr. Akim


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