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Village of the Damned




For 10 hours, something -- or someone -- causes all the residents of a small British hamlet to black out. Shortly thereafter, several women end up pregnant, and the babies they give birth to have startling physical similarities: they're white-haired and frozen-faced, with formidable intellects and the ability to communicate telepathically. Soon, the adults in the village begin dying mysteriously and physicist Gordon Zellaby comes to the shocking realization that their offspring, led by his own beloved son, David, are causing this horror. And there's only one way to stop the demon-child and his brethren: he must kill them all -- including David.

Us release date: December 07, 1960

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Unknown poster from the movie Village of the Damned

Main Cast

  • Gordon Zellaby
  • Anthea Zellaby
  • David Zellaby
  • Alan Bernard
  • Doctor Willers
  • Harrington
  • Mrs. Harrington
  • Evelyn Harrington
  • James Pawle
  • Janet Pawle
  • Milly Hughes
  • Miss Ogle
  • Mrs. Plumpton
  • Vicar
  • P.C. Gobby

Also Known As

  • The Village of the Damned (us)

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