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Kiss Me Quick!




Sterilox, an alien from the planet Droopiter in the sexless Buttless Galaxy, is sent to our little planet Earth in search of some females to bring back home for use as domestic servantsmenial labor. The Grand Glom, ruler of the Buttless, has heard that there are creatures on Earth called “women”, who “make ideal servants, if you train them properly.”. Sterilox’s destination is the laboratory of the mad Dr. Breedlove, who has been working for years to create the perfect female. Appearing in the castle of Breedlove, Sterilox is given the opportunity to view the insane doctor’s bevy of beautiful creations to see which one would be the perfect specimen to fulfill his task...

Us release date: December 25, 1964

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Us poster from the movie Kiss Me Quick!

Main Cast

  • Dr. Breedlove / The Grand Gl
  • Sterilox / Frankenstein Mons
  • Boobra
  • Kissme
  • Barebra
  • Hotty Totty
  • Gertie Tassle
  • Gigi String
  • Lotta Cash
  • Gina Catchafanni
  • ...

Also Known As

  • Dr. Breedlove (inc)
  • Dr. Breedlove or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love (inc)
  • Kiss Me Quick (us)

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