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The End of the World




A mine foreman, West, has two daughters, the fair Edith and the dark Dina. Edith falls in love with ship's mate Reymers, while Dina runs away with the unscrupulous capitalist Frank Stoll. When the rumour spreads that a comet is on a collision course with Earth, Stoll exploits the situation to make a killing on the stock market. On the eve of the comet's impact, Stoll gathers his friends for a great orgy, but enraged workers storm his grand villa, egged on by Dina's jilted ex-fiancé. He, Stoll, and Dina all perish. Fire rains down from the sky, and the seas flood the land: The Earth is laid waste. Only two survive, Edith and Reymers, and the film ends with their miraculous reunion.

Danish release date: April 01, 1916

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Danish poster from the movie The End of the World (Verdens undergang)



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