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The Invisible Man's Revenge




Robert Griffin was duped and left for dead in Africa by some business associates several years ago. Having survived against terrible odds, the revenge-minded Griffin returns to England where he encounters a cracked scientist hoping to test a special new formula. Vengeance is soon at hand. The demented doctor's injection renders Robert invisible, thus allowing him to go after those who robbed him of his former life. Griffin systematically destroys his enemies with this cloak of imperceptibility but eventually discovers that his new powers cannot be turned on and off as easily as a light switch. The side effects aren't so peachy either...

Us release date: June 09, 1944

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Unknown poster from the movie The Invisible Man's Revenge

Main Cast

  • Robert Griffin
  • Herbert Higgins
  • Docteur Peter Drury
  • Mark Foster
  • Julie Herrick
  • Irene - Lady Herrick
  • Sir Jasper Herrick
  • Cleghorn
  • Sir Frederick Travers
  • Maud
  • Jim Feeney
  • Sergeant
  • Grey Shadow

Also Known As

  • Месть человека-невидимки (inc)

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