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Not of This Earth




When a mysterious stranger arrives in town, he immediately hires Nadine Story as his nurse. Although the pay is great, her suspicions are aroused when his blood transfusions become more and more frequent. After some creative detective work, our hero finds out her boss is really a space vampire... and the chase is on! The thirsty visitor even threatens to transport Nadine back to his own planet. But Nadine has a few surprises in store for this enterprising alien as she brings her talents to the forefront and fight back during the thrilling climax...

Us release date: May 20, 1988

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Us poster from the movie Not of This Earth

Main Cast

  • Nadine Story
  • Mr. Johnson
  • Jeremy
  • Dr. Rochelle
  • Harry
  • Davanna Girl
  • Vacuum Cleaner Salesman
  • Happy Birthday Girl
  • Agnes
  • Lead Hooker
  • Second Hooker
  • Third Hooker
  • Nurse Oxford
  • Girl in Car
  • Boy in Car

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