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On the Beach




The year is 2006. America and China have fought a nuclear war over China's invasion of Taiwan. The radiation fallout has wiped out all of the earth's human population with the exception of Australia. When the fallout reaches Australia, life as we know it will cease to exist. A lone American nuclear sub has somehow survived, and it heads to Oz, where some scientists have concluded that the fallout is receding rapidly near Alaska. This theory raises the possibility that a select few people can be taken north, ensuring the survival of the human race. The American sub is chosen as the vessel which will venture to Alaska to see if the theory is correct...

Australian release date: January 28, 2001
Us release date: May 28, 2000

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Us poster from the TV movie On the Beach

Main Cast

  • Cmdr. Dwight Towers
  • Moira Davidson
  • Dr. Julian Osborne
  • Mary Davidson Holmes
  • Lt. Peter Holmes
  • Jenny Holmes
  • Jenny Holmes
  • First Officer Neil Hirsch
  • Chief Wawrzeniak
  • Sonarman Bobby Swain
  • Radioman Giles
  • Lt. Tony Garcia
  • Crewman Reid
  • Crewman Parsons
  • Crewman Samuel Huynh

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