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Universal Soldier: The Return




Luc Deveraux – now a devoted father and husband – is serving as a technical expert on a special government project to revive and improve the Universal Soldier training programme. Sophisticated, intelligent and agile, the new breed of soldier is under the control of S.E.T.H, a supercomputer who proves to be a real danger when he develops a mind of his own…

Developing a plan to destroy Luc, S.E.T.H. kidnaps his daughter. Racing against the clock to keep his family together, Deveraux encounters obstacles that only he, knowing how a Universal Soldier thinks and feels, can overcome…

British release date: September 17, 1999
Us release date: August 20, 1999

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Us poster from the movie Universal Soldier: The Return

Main Cast

  • Luc Deveraux
  • S.E.T.H.
  • Erin Young, KTXD
  • Dr. Dylan Cotner
  • Captain Blackburn
  • Maggie
  • General Radford
  • Sergeant Morrow
  • Hillary Deveraux
  • Romeo / UniSol 2500
  • Technician #2
  • Squid
  • RL Gate Guard
  • Betty Wilson
  • Kitty Anderson, KTXO


$40 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$10 717 000

Also Known As

  • Universal Soldier 2 (us)
  • Universal Soldier IV (us)

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