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Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms



Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms

(Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms)
1.5 rating star score

A TV Movie directed by Jeff Woolnough
1998 - 92 minutes - Color - Stereo - 1.33 : 1
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In 1953, the American government organized a top-secret project to create an elite military force. Code name : Universal Soldier. This procedure consisted in collecting soldiers's corpses killed in action to resuscitate them, and to genetically improve them, with the goal to rise the army of tomorrow. In 1998, the program was discovered by a reporter, Veronica Reynolds, during an hostage affair. Thereafter, several Universal Soldiers were slaughtered... or disapeared. » Get more informations…

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Us release date: September 27, 1998

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Us poster from the TV movie Universal Soldier II: Brothers in Arms

Main Cast

  • Luc Devreaux / GR44
  • Sgt. Andrew Scott / GR13
  • Peterson / GR80
  • Martinez / GR81
  • Cooper / GR82
  • Lt. Col. Jack Cameron
  • Otto Mazur
  • Mentor
  • Dr. Walker
  • Veronica
  • John Devreaux
  • Danielle Devreaux
  • Anchorwoman
  • Jasper
  • Purser

Also Known As

  • Universal Soldier 2 (ca)
  • Universal Soldier II (us)

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