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Undersea Kingdom




The mighty Crash Corrigan explores the wondrous lost continent of Atlantis! Voyaging deep below the surface in a rocket-fueled submarine, Crash and his nautical crew become entangled in the turbulent forces of Unga Khan (Monte Blue), the sinister ruler of Atlantis who is determined to conquer the world. Crash must contend with brutal, chariot-riding soldiers and the deadly robotic Volkities in his mission to foil Khan's quest for total domination.

Us release date: May 30, 1936

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Us poster from the series Undersea Kingdom

Main Cast

  • Crash Corrigan
  • Diana Compton
  • Unga Khan
  • Sharad
  • Ditmar
  • Gasspon
  • Prof. Norton
  • Billy Norton
  • Briny Deep
  • Salty
  • Capt. Hakur
  • Darius
  • Lt. Andrews [Chs. 1, 12]
  • Joe [Ch. 1]
  • Zogg

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