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Peaceful, rustic Berkeley is a charming fishing community where life is sweet and the people friendly. All that is about to change. After losing her childhood farm to the bank, local beauty Rene decides to leave town and head for the big city. Suddenly, an avalanche of meteorites races through the sky, bombarding the town and bringing an otherworldly infection. Departing is going to be much more difficult than she had planned. The living dead are awakened and Rene is now caught in a nightmare of zombies hungry for human flesh. She manages to find salvation in a small isolated farm house owned by the town loony, Marion. There she is met with four other desperate survivors. Together they battle their way through a plague of walking dead and discover that there is more transpiring than just an infection...

Australian release date: September 04, 2003
British release date: January 07, 2005
Us release date: July 01, 2005

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Us poster from the movie Undead

Main Cast

  • René Chaplin
  • Marion
  • Wayne
  • Sallyanne
  • Harrison
  • Molly
  • Agent
  • Chip
  • Aggie
  • Ruth
  • Officer in Locker Room
  • Man in Office
  • Cricket Batsman
  • Yougn Cricketer
  • Screamer




$750 000

Worldwide Box-office
$187 000

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