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The Spaceman and King Arthur




Tom Trimble is a concept design engineer who has just created Hermes, a human-like robot who will pilot Stardust One, a new U.S. spacecraft designed to travel farther and faster than anything yet conceived. When the ship is about to launch, Trimble quickly boards the craft to reassure the robot when lightning strikes, igniting the rockets and blasting Stardust One into space at relativistic speed! The ship is finally brought under control and makes a successful England during the year 508 A.D.! Tom is met by a young girl named Alisande who mistakes him for a monster due to his unfamiliar spaceman's suit. However, their trouble is just beginning as they are taken prisoner by Sir Mordred and brought to King Arthur's castle...

British release date: July 10, 1979
Us release date: July 26, 1979

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Us poster from the movie The Spaceman and King Arthur

Main Cast

  • Tom Trimble
  • Sir Mordred
  • Merlin
  • King Arthur
  • Sir Gawain
  • Clarence
  • Alisande
  • Senator Milburn
  • Dr. Zimmerman
  • Winston
  • Watkins
  • Oaf
  • Prisoner

Also Known As

  • UFO (inc)
  • A Spaceman in King Arthur's Court (us)
  • Unidentified Flying Oddball (us)

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