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Girl in His Pocket




Professor Jérôme has been performing some experiments on suspended animation. Edith, his fiancée, attempts to persuade him to give up this work and go into the soft drink business. On his final day in the laboratory, Monette, Professor Jérôme's assistant, accidentally spills a jar containing an experimental solution. A pet dog drinks the liquid and is reduced in size to a statue 3 inches high. Jérôme restores its size by immersing it in salt water. During the course of their work, Jérôme and Monette fall in love. When Edith demands entry into the laboratory, Monette, not wanting to be found with Jérôme, swallows some of the solution and is reduced to a 3-inch nude statue which Jérôme hides in his pocket... (TCM)

French release date: November 06, 1957
Us release date: January 01, 1960

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French poster from the movie Girl in His Pocket (Un amour de poche)

Main Cast

  • Prof. Jerome
  • Edith
  • Jean-Loup
  • Monette
  • Maubru
  • Bataillon
  • Brigitte
  • Solange
  • Premier employé des objets
  • Deuxième employé
  • Troisième employé
  • Anne-Lise
  • Secrétaire au commissariat
  • Le commissaire
  • Secrétaire de mairie

Also Known As

  • Nude in His Pocket (inc)

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