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Investigative reporter Jake Lowe uncovers the story of a life-time when he is deployed to snoop around the suspicious operations of a mining company, headed by the eccentric tycoon Peter Crawford. Crawford is using his mining business as a cover-up for the construction of a top secret underground city, which he is building in anticipation of the arrival of Tycus--a gigantic comet that spells disaster for all unlucky enough to live above ground. As the comet hurtles toward Earth, Lowe must reconcile his duty as a reporter with his concern for his family's safety--and possibly save the world--before impact!

Us release date: August 08, 2000

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Unknown poster from the movie Tycus

Main Cast

  • Security Guard
  • Menkees
  • Teenaged Girl
  • Commander Scott
  • Stevens
  • Jamie Crawford
  • Crying Woman
  • Lt. Garrison
  • Helen Crawford
  • Young Man
  • Gandry
  • Pilot
  • Peter Crawford
  • KEST Reporter
  • Amy Lowe


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Forbidden Target (us)

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