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Wild in the Streets




When Congress gives 15-year-olds the right to vote, the youngsters promptly elect a rock-star president. But after the new prez decrees mandatory retirement at 30 and LSD therapy at 35, Americans begin to suspect that democracy has hit a minor snag...

Us release date: May 29, 1968

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Us poster from the movie Wild in the Streets

Main Cast

  • Mrs. Daphne Flatow
  • Max Jacob 'Frost' Flatow Jr.
  • Sally LeRoy
  • Sen. Johnny Fergus
  • Mary Fergus
  • Stanley X
  • Max Jacob Flatow Sr.
  • Billy Cage
  • The Hook, Abraham
  • Jimmy Fergus
  • Sen. Allbright
  • Hippie mother
  • Young Mary Fergus
  • Joseph Fergus
  • Fuji Elly

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