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Dillinger, the President of Encom, a very important game development computer company, appropriates thanks to the  MCP - the Master Control Program, an application he develloped - programs of his employees in a entirely illicit manner.

Unable to access the central computer, protected by the MCP, Flynn has no proof of the appropriation of his programs by Dillinger. With Alan and Lora, two researchers, he attempts a nocturnal intrusion in Encom offices. On the point to reach his goal, Flynn is disintegrated by a prototype machine capable of transporting a man inside a computer microprocessor...
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British release date: October 21, 1982
Us release date: July 09, 1982

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Unknown poster from the movie TRON

Main Cast

  • Kevin Flynn / Clu
  • Alan Bradley / Tron
  • Ed Dillinger / Sark / Master
  • Lora / Yori
  • Dr. Walter Gibbs / Dumont
  • Ram / Popcorn Co-Worker
  • Crom
  • Peter / Sark's Lieutena
  • Warrior #1
  • Warrior #2
  • Expert Disc Warrior
  • Head Guard
  • Factory Guard
  • Guard #1
  • Guard #2


$17 000 000

Also Known As

  • Трон (inc)
  • TRON: The Original Classic (us)

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