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Turkey Shoot




In a near future, opponants, marginals and some other unlucky people are qualified as "deviants" by a totalitarian regime and sent in re-education camps. Camp 47, lead by the sadistic Charles Thatcher is well lnown for the discipline of iron and the hardness of the living conditions. Three newcomers are selected by Thatcher to become with two other prisoners the hunting game of the man who regularly organises this for his guests. In exchange, Thatcher promises freedom to the prisoners if they succeed in living until the nightfall. Without other alternative, they accept. The following day, the chase begins...

Australian release date: October 14, 1982
Us release date: September 02, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Turkey Shoot

Main Cast

  • Paul Anders
  • Chris Walters
  • Charles Thatcher
  • Jennifer
  • Secretary Mallory
  • Rita Daniels
  • Chief Guard Ritter
  • Tito
  • Red
  • Dodge
  • Griff
  • Alph
  • Andy
  • Melinda

Also Known As

  • Blood Camp Thatcher (inc)
  • Охота на индюшек (inc)
  • Стрельба по живым мишеням (inc)
  • Escape 2000 (us)

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