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Killer Tomatoes Eat France!




The evil professor Gangreen and his bungling henchman Igor create a new strain of tomatoes to devour France. Only a young American tourist claiming to be Michael J. Fox and his girlfriend, who's one hot tomato herself, can stop them! The battle rages from the dungeons of France's newest tourist attraction, "Igor's Really Big Castle," to a Ben-Hur-style car chase around the Arc de Triomphe and a heavy metal rock riot at the Louvre.

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Unknown artwork from the movie Killer Tomatoes Eat France!

Main Cast

  • Prison official
  • Prof. Mortimer Gangreen
  • Le Warden
  • Igor / Louis The XXVII (also
  • Michael
  • Marie
  • Tour guide
  • Tourist who has to go
  • Artist
  • Frenchy (Marie's father)
  • Marie (Marie's mother)
  • Marie (Marie's sister)
  • Handsome French guy
  • Vendor
  • Keeper of the Shoe


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