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Titan A.E.




The year is 3028. Alien invaders have destroyed Earth. Only a few human beings have managed to survive, scattered throughout the universe. A young man - Cale - holds a secret that could be mankind's salvation. He knows of the existence of a space station called Titan, built as a last ditch attempt to save mankind from the extra-terrestrial tyrants. Cale and his friends set out in search of Titan... » Get more informations…

British release date: July 28, 2000
Us release date: June 16, 2000

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Unknown poster from the movie Titan A.E.

Main Cast

  • Cale Tucker (voix)
  • Capt. Joseph Korso (voix)
  • Gune (voix)
  • Preed (voix)
  • Stith (voix)
  • Akima (voix)
  • Professeur Sam Tucker (voix)
  • Young Cale (voix)
  • Tek (voix)
  • The Cook (voix)
  • Queen Drej (voix)
  • Chowquin (voix)
  • Firrikash / Slave Trader Gua
  • Po (voix)
  • Old Woman (voix)


$75 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$36 751 000

Also Known As

  • Planet Ice (us)
  • Titan A.E.: After Earth (us)
  • Titan: After Earth (us)

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