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Time Walker




Deep within the tomb of Tutankhamun a violent earthquake uncovers the coffin of Ankh-Venharis - 'The Noble Traveller'. Around the coffin are the bodies of six attendants all of whom died horribly, their flesh partly eaten away by an ancient green fungus. When the coffin is shipped to the Califonia Institute of the Sciences, technicians fail to notice that X-rays have revived the fungus. Next day the coffin is empty - after centuries, the time walker is free !

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Us poster from the movie Time Walker

Main Cast

  • Prof. Douglas McCadden
  • Susie Fuller
  • Peter Sharpe
  • Jack Parker
  • Dr. Wendell J. Rossmore
  • Dr. Bruce Serrano
  • Jennie
  • Dr. Ken Melrose
  • Greg Hauser
  • Linda Flores
  • Dr. Hayworth
  • Lt. Plummer
  • Sherri
  • Bill Vogler
  • Capt. Willoughby

Also Known As

  • Being from Another Planet (inc)
  • Pharaoh (us)

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