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Ben Wilson is a small-town widower with a loving daughter, a drinking problem and a life haunted by his wife's accidental death. But when a group of odd travelers check into his country inn, Ben discovers that they are actually tourists from the future who visit the past to enjoy catastrophic disasters… and Ben's town is next on this grand tour of devastation. Will anyone believe his bizarre tale? And most shocking of all, can he go back to yesterday to save himself -- and all that he loves -- from the horrors of tomorrow?

Us release date: May 09, 1992

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Us poster from the movie Timescape

Main Cast

  • Ben Wilson
  • Hillary Wilson
  • Reeve
  • Oscar
  • Madame Iovine
  • Judge Caldwell
  • Quish
  • Spall
  • Undersecretary
  • Reverend
  • Sue Appleton
  • Billy Appleton
  • Carolyn
  • Mrs. Beecher
  • Docteur


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Disaster in Time (us)
  • Grand Tour: Disaster in Time (us)
  • The Grand Tour (us)

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