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In the 23rd Century, the world's most dangerous criminal has taken control of the maximum security prison on asteroid Alpha 4. Caught in the mayhem are a petty thief and a prison transport pilot. These two unlikely heroes are all that stand between an army of ruthless inmates and an unsuspecting Universe. The battle for survival begins!

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Us poster from the movie Timelock

Main Cast

  • Captain Jessie Teegs
  • Jack 'A1' Riley
  • Villum, New Prisoner
  • Tibuck, New Prisoner
  • McMasters
  • Warden Andrews
  • Deputy Chief Sullivan
  • Larden
  • Admiral Danny Teegs
  • Mike Wilson, Co-Pilot
  • Neville
  • Snapper
  • Ensign
  • Computer Tech
  • Clarissa


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