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Terror Is a Man




William Fitzgerald, the sole survivor of a shipwrecked freighter, washes ashore onto the strange and mysterious "Blood Island." Near death, he is rescued by Dr. Charles Girad, a scientist researching the evolutionary link between man and beast. Much to the fear of the natives, Girard's bizarre experiments have successfully transformed a wild panther into human form. Hungry for blood the tormented creature prowls the tropical jungle, intent on killing anyone in its path.

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Unknown poster from the movie Terror Is a Man

Main Cast

  • Dr. Charles Girard
  • Frances Girard
  • William Fitzgerald
  • Walter Perrera
  • Selene
  • Tiago - the Boy
  • Beast-Man

Also Known As

  • Creature from Blood Island (inc)
  • The Gory Creatures (inc)
  • Blood Creature (us)
  • Island of Terror (us)

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