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Terror from the Year 5000




Prof. Erling and his financial backer Victor build a prototype time machine to snatch objects from the past. Latest find, a statuette, radiometrically dates to 5200 AD! When this draws colleague Richard Hedges to the island lab, Erling reveals that 20th-century objects put in the machine seem to be "traded" for analogous future objects by intelligent life. And on the sly, Victor's been trying to get a living visitor. Does the future need help, or is the present in danger?

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Us poster from the movie Terror from the Year 5000

Main Cast

  • Dr. Robert Hedges
  • Claire Erling
  • Prof. Howard Erling
  • Victor
  • Future Woman / Nurse
  • Angelo
  • Miss Blake
  • First Lab Technician
  • Second Lab Technician
  • Dr. Blair
  • Joe the Bartender

Also Known As

  • Cage of Doom (inc)
  • Terror from 5,000 A.D. (inc)
  • The Girl from 5,000 A.D. (inc)

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