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Cryonics. the science that places a body in a frozen state until such time as the condition that terminated its life force can be medically treated. Only one man has ever been revived. His name is Miles. After 10 years in cryonic suspension, he is brought back to life. But is he the same man? Everyone is ecstatic to have him back. Except his sister, whom he tries to rape... an old family friend, who suddenly drops dead... and the dog, whose throat is torn out... and the priest, who wonders... CAN YOU FREEZE A MAN'S SOUL?

Us release date: May 22, 1985

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Chiller

Main Cast

  • Miles Creighton
  • Marion Creighton
  • Leigh Kenyon
  • Clarence Beeson
  • Dr. Stricklin
  • Dr. Collier
  • Reverend Penny
  • Stacey
  • Mrs. Bunch
  • Dr. Sample
  • Jerry Burley
  • 2nd Technician
  • Technician #1
  • Mr. Hanna
  • Secretary

Also Known As

  • Wes Craven's Chiller (us)

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