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No Blade of Grass




Set in a Britain gripped by a deadly virus, which is destroying the world's crops. One family takes refuge in the Lake District, and there are hounded by 'The Huns', a gang of evil motorcycle thugs...

Us release date: October 23, 1970

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Us poster from the movie No Blade of Grass

Main Cast

  • John Custance
  • Ann Custance
  • Roger Burnham
  • Mary Custance
  • David Custance
  • Fat Woman
  • George
  • Police Constable
  • Mr. Beaseley
  • T.V. Interviewer (Fred Gray)
  • Sir Charles Brenner
  • Mr. Sturdevant
  • Pirrie
  • Clara
  • Lieutenant


Also Known As

  • The Death of Grass (us)

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