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A frantic death race through the meanders of a game conceived for a mutant child. In the late 80', Sir elaborates a game for Mati, a mutant child. The rule is simple, you must rally Terminus, an imaginary place, on board a red truck, while avoiding gray truck traps. Gus, the driver, is guided by Monster, a computer created by Mati. Sometimes weak, Monster does not always record  orders and often does what it wants. Gus is entailed despite her in a totalitarian country where the race is prohibited. Stopped and imprisoned, she meets Stump, an ancient convict. Tortured by soldiers, she is on the point to die when Stump decide to free her...

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French release date: January 28, 1987

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French poster from the movie Terminus

Main Cast

  • Stump
  • Gus
  • Sir / Docteur / Yellow Truck
  • Mati
  • Princess
  • Docteur's Assistent
  • Man with Dark Glasses
  • Major
  • Mercenary #1
  • Mercenary #2
  • Mercenary #3
  • Mercenary #4
  • Limo Driver
  • Monster's Voice (voix)
  • Docteur / Le docteur (voix)

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