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Terminal Invasion




Passengers for a charter flight are stranded in an airport during one of the worst blizzards. All phone lines are down, radios are only transmitting static and mobile phones rendered useless. The grounded passengers are joined by convicted murderer, Jack Edwards whose van skidded off the road en route to prison. To make matters even more harrowing they are joined by aliens from outer-space disguised as humans. Who is the enemy ?

British release date: August 27, 2003
Us release date: September 14, 2002

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Terminal Invasion

Main Cast

  • Jack
  • Cathy Garrett
  • David Higgins
  • Darian
  • Andrew Philips
  • Sarah Philips
  • Gloria
  • Del
  • Sgt. Griffin
  • Stephen
  • Hannah
  • Angie
  • Reverend Callaghan
  • Officer Red
  • Officer Tommy

Also Known As

  • Invasion au terminal (ca)
  • Devil's Pass (us)

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