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The Aerial




In a world where politics run media, television endlessly broadcasts mass programmes to control public opinion. Mr Tele head of programmes and dictator of the city, has found a radical solution : he wants to hypnotize people to make sure they are totally devoted to him. In the midst of this desolated world, where inhabitants have been deprived of speech and no longer communicate with each other, a woman called THE VOICE remains. She represents the last hope to topple the government…

Argentinian release date: April 19, 2007
British release date: May 16, 2008

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Argentinian poster from the movie The Aerial (La antena)

Main Cast

  • Son of Mr TV
  • Mr TV
  • Nurse
  • The Inventor
  • The Voice
  • Ana
  • Tomás
  • The Mouse Man
  • The Grandfather
  • Doctor Y
  • Fairy Girl
  • Silhouette Man 1
  • Silhouette Man 2
  • Silhouette Man 3
  • Girl Dressed in White




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