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Tek War : TekLords




Despite being imprisoned tek lord Sonny Hokori manages to run his criminal empire. A virus, which not only is effective on computer software but also on physical beings, is activated in the global computer network. While Jake Cardigan tries to stop Hokori and his allies he also has to deal with his former wife's new husband trying to adopt his son...

Us release date: February 20, 1994

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Tek War : TekLords (TekWar: TekLords)

Main Cast

  • Jake Cardigan
  • Sid Gomez
  • Beth Kittridge
  • Walter H. Bascom
  • Kate Cardigan
  • Bennett Sands
  • Sonny Hokori
  • Tora Hokori
  • Inspector Winterguild
  • Gordon Chesterton
  • Danny Cardigan
  • Eddie Hermosillo
  • Centra
  • The Wiz
  • Wild Side



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