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Teens in the Universe




An interstellar expedition reached Alpha Cassiopeia only to find that smart robots took control over the whole planet...

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Unknown artwork from the movie Teens in the Universe (Otroki vo vselennoy)

Main Cast

  • Victor Sereda
  • Pasha Kozelkov
  • Misha Kopanygin
  • Fedya Lobanov
  • Varya Kuteischikova
  • Agapit
  • Katya Panferova
  • I / O / O
  • Agapit's father
  • Antonina Alekseevna
  • Kondraty Panteleimonovitch
  • Acad. Philatov
  • Robot-ispolnitel
  • Ogon-Duganovsky
  • Acad. Kurochkin


No available information for now.


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Stern Alpha ruft Erde (inc)
  • Roboter im Sternbild Kassiopeia (inc)
  • Отроки во вселенной (inc)

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