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Teenagers from Outer Space




Aliens plan to use the earth as grazing land for their lobster-like monsters, the Gargons, but Derek argues that they should find a planet without "civilized beings." Placed under arrest, the rebellious teen escapes, not knowing he is the son of their leader, so Thor goes after him - with a disintegrator ray that turns people to bones. Derek befriends Betty Morgan and her grandfather, who are placed in jeopardy when Thor begins blasting virtually every earthling he sees!

Us release date: June 03, 1959

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Unknown poster from the movie Teenagers from Outer Space

Main Cast

  • Derek
  • Betty Morgan
  • Thor
  • Gramps Morgan
  • Joe Rogers
  • Spacecraft Capitaine
  • Nurse Morse
  • Dr. C.R. Brandt, MD
  • Gas Station Attendant
  • Alice Woodward
  • Driver Picking Up Thor
  • Prof. Simpson
  • The Alien Leader
  • Moreal - Spaceship Crew
  • Saul - Spaceship Crew

Also Known As

  • Ray-Gun Terror (inc)
  • The Gargon Terror (inc)
  • Тинейджеры из космоса (inc)
  • Killers from Outer Space (us)
  • Invasion of the Gargon (us)
  • The Boy from Out of This World (us)

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