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Teenage Cave Man




As the restless son of the caveman tribe's symbol maker, Vaughn hunts for food, romances a blonde maiden, and is warned by the elders not to venture beyond the river to the land of the monster "that Gives Death with its Touch." Of course, he's a teenager, so he goes anyway and discovers some pretty shocking secrets. We learn that this is not a prehistoric tale, but a post-apocalyptic tale, and the strange creature is a 500-plus year old irradiated scientist in a radiation suit...

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Unknown poster from the movie Teenage Cave Man

Main Cast

  • The Symbol Maker's Teenage S
  • The Blond Maiden
  • The Symbol Maker
  • The Black-Bearded One
  • Member of the Tribe
  • The Symbol Maker's Wife
  • The Curly-Haired Boy
  • Fair-Haired Boy / Man from B
  • Blond Tribe Member
  • The Keeper of the Small Fire
  • Member of the Tribe
  • Member of the Tribe

Also Known As

  • Out of the Darkness (inc)
  • Prehistoric World (us)
  • Teenage Caveman (us)

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