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Target Earth




A large city has been completely evacuated. An alien force of robots has invaded the city and is destroying all mankind! Frank and a handful of strangers wake up to the empty city and band together. Not only must they escape the robot patrols, but they must also contend with a psychotic killer amongst them. All the while scientists are racing against the clock to save earth from annihilation. Based on the short novel, The Deadly City by Paul W. Fairman.

Us release date: November 07, 1954

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Us poster from the movie Target Earth

Main Cast

  • Frank Brooks
  • Nora King
  • Vicki Harris
  • Jim Wilson
  • Davis, the Killer
  • Charles Otis
  • Lt. Général Wood
  • Tom, Chief research scientis
  • Lieutenant
  • Colonel
  • Technician

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