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In His laboratory, the Professor Deemer performs secret experiments. He tests on all sort of animals a product that increases their growth in an incredible manner. There, it is possible to find rats, Guinea pigs and a tarantula of a gigantic size.

But animals are not the only to have tested the product. Paul Lund, the assistant of Deemer is victim of the unstable product. The deformed face, he attempts to kill the Professor. In the struggle, the assistant finds death and the giant tarantula, that will not cease to grow, escapes Deemer's laboratory...
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Us poster from the movie Tarantula

Main Cast

  • Dr. Matt Hastings
  • Stephanie 'Steve'
  • Prof. Gerald Deemer
  • Sheriff Jack Andrews
  • Joe Burch
  • Lt. John Nolan
  • Townsend
  • Josh
  • Barney Russell
  • Andy Andersen

Also Known As

  • Тарантул (inc)
  • The Giant Tarantula (us)

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