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Island City




In a very close future, progress of genetics has allowed the discovery of a miraculous product against old age. Thousands of people in the world rushed to receive the serum of youth but for unknown reasons they have undergone a mutation. Some have even transformed into horrible creatures called "Recessives". Their bodies have fortified and their brains have atrophied, emptying all feelings of humanity, goodness, and compassion. They became very rapidly superhuman psychopaths. Fortunately others have escaped this mutation and have regrouped in the last bastion of humanity in the world, a fortified city called : Island City...

Us release date: March 02, 1994

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Island City

Main Cast

  • Col. Tom Valdoon
  • Dr. Sammy Helding
  • Greg 23
  • Lt. Michael Mindy
  • Connie Sealle
  • Helen
  • Andy Sealle
  • Ty Sealle
  • Ben
  • Sally Redman
  • Gen. Meyday
  • Dr. Kelly
  • Morrissey
  • Bikini Girl
  • Little Girl

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