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The Omega Man




The Earth has been ravaged by a terrible world war in which biological and nuclear weapons were used and the population has been nearly decimated. A terrible sickness has also spread leaving only very few survivors. Those that were not killed, suffered a mutation, evolving in three phases, the last of which transformes people into blind and fanatic zombies, gathering under what the call "the Family, and unable to get out during the day because they can't bear light.

Only Doctor Robert Neville has been able to survive the sickness. Previously a researcher with the army, he injected himslf just in time an with experimental vaccine that seems to have succeeded in preventing the sickness. Neville lives in the city, in a protected compoound, and leaves only during the day to avoid "the Family" who wants to kill him...

British release date: February 13, 1972
Us release date: August 01, 1971

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Unknown poster from the movie The Omega Man

Main Cast

  • Neville
  • Matthias
  • Lisa
  • Dutch
  • Richie
  • Zachary
  • Little Girl
  • Woman in Cemetery Crypt
  • Tommy
  • Family Member (also as De Ve
  • Family Member
  • Family Member
  • Family Member
  • Family Member

Also Known As

  • Человек Омега (inc)
  • I Am Legend (us)

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