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Misfits of Science




Drs. Hayes and Lincoln are researchers in biological oddities for the Humanidyne company. When they find a man still alive after being frozen for 50 years, their greedy boss fires them and takes the Iceman to use for military experiments. Left without jobs, Hayes and Lincoln decide to get a group of "freaks" (including a telekinetic 17-year-old and a rock guitarist who shoots lightning from his hands) together to rescue the Iceman and stop their boss' reckless experiments...

Us release date: October 04, 1985

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French poster from the series Misfits of Science

Main Cast

  • Dr. Billy Hayes
  • Dr. Elvin 'El' Lin
  • John 'Johnny B' Bu
  • Gloria Dinallo
  • Jane Miller
  • Dick Stetmeyer
  • Miss Nance

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