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This adventure is the first live-action Superman serial and was one of the most successful multi-chapter films ever made. Superman is played by B-movie hero Kirk Alyn. The story centers upon the hero and the nefarious Spider Lady, who is trying to rule the Earth. If she cannot have complete control, she plans on shrinking it with her powerful reducer ray. Much of the episodes center upon Superman's relationship with Lois Lane and upon his ability to fly. (

Us release date: July 15, 1948

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Us poster from the series Superman

Main Cast

  • Superman / Clark Kent
  • Lois Lane
  • Jimmy Olsen
  • Spider Lady
  • Driller
  • Anton
  • White
  • Brock
  • Conrad [Chs. 6-15]
  • Hackett [Chs. 6-15]
  • Graham [Chs. 3, 9-11, 13-15]
  • Leeds [Chs. 3-4]
  • Morgan [Chs. 3-4]
  • Elton [Chs. 7-15]


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Also Known As

  • The Adventures of Superman (us)

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