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Prison Ship




Far into the future. A war rages on a distant, desolate planet. Taura, a voluptuous Amazon-like beauty, finds herself mounting a battle against the forces of evil when she tangles with Bantor, a sadistic government official. Soon she is sentenced to hard labor aboard the prison ship Star Slammer and must prove herself to her young female cellmates before earning their respect and leading them in a daring prison break. With every turn, Taura faces new danger as she must outwit the sex-starved warden, out-tough the tyrannical trustee, and battle jagger rats, astro zombies and alien monsters...

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Us poster from the movie Prison Ship

Also Known As

  • Star Slammer (inc)
  • Starslammer (inc)
  • Prison Ship: 2005 (us)
  • Starslammer: The Escape (us)
  • The Adventures of Taura: Prison Ship Star Slammer (us)

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