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Starship Troopers




We are in the 24th century and the future no longer is what it was. On earth, a suitable muscular federation imposes order and virtue. In this totalitarian world, only a category of person has the most elementary rights... citizens. But to the limits of the galaxy, an army of arachnides rises against the Human kind. In the assault of our planet, giant insects shave in a few minutes the city of Buenos Aires. The federation recalls immediately its troops. Thousands of candidates arrive at the offices of recruitment. Most of them have just left high school, full of ardor and courage, far to suspect what wait them...

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British release date: January 02, 1998
Us release date: November 07, 1997

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Unknown poster from the movie Starship Troopers

Main Cast

  • Johnny Rico
  • Dizzy Flores
  • Lt. Carmen Ibanez
  • Ace Levy
  • Carl Jenkins
  • Sgt. Zim
  • Sugar Watkins
  • Zander Barcalow
  • Jean Rasczak
  • Biology Teacher
  • Général Owen
  • Breckinridge
  • Kitten Smith
  • Katrina
  • Shujimi


$100 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$121 100 000

Also Known As

  • Bug Hunt at Outpost Nine (us)

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