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On April 20th 1977, the space probe "Voyager 2" is sent in space, with messages recored by the human community, making a call and an invitation to possible alien civilization. Seven years later, military radars spot a spaceship in the sky. The engine is destroyed above a forest of Wisconsin but its pilot escapes and flees in the house of a young widow, Jenny Hayden. Jenny is first dazzled by a strange glow, and when she becomes conscientious again, she finds herself in front of the strange being that resembles line for line to her defunct husband... (Correction Josh) » Get more informations…

British release date: May 10, 1985
Us release date: December 14, 1984

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Unknown poster from the movie Starman

Main Cast

  • Starman
  • Jenny Hayden
  • Mark Shermin
  • George Fox
  • Major Bell
  • Sergeant Lemon
  • Brad Heinmuller
  • Deer Hunter
  • Cop #1
  • Cop #2
  • Hot Rodder
  • Cook
  • Scientist
  • Marine Lieutenant
  • Fox's Assistant

Also Known As

  • Чeловек со звезды (inc)
  • John Carpenter's Starman (us)

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