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In a desperate race against time and with the super powerful Kyler in hot pursuit, Ladera recruits a disbelieving human to help in her quest for the Fire Crystal, the key to all creation. Amid incredible time-travelling and visual effects sequences, the two become locked in a battle with the cops, the Mob, and an enraged alien while the fate of two galaxies hands in the balance!

Us release date: June 27, 1995

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Us poster from the movie Galaxis

Main Cast

  • Ladera
  • Kyla
  • Lord Tarkin
  • Nervous Official
  • Jed Sanders
  • Victor Menendez
  • Commander
  • Detective Carter
  • Detective Kelly
  • Bar Lady at Sharkey's
  • Manny Hopkins
  • Rape Victim
  • Stravos, Victor's Lieutenant
  • Tray, Victor's Henchman
  • Seth, Victor's Henchman


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Galactic Force (inc)
  • Star Crystal (inc)
  • Terminal Force (inc)

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