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The Last Starfighter




Millions of light-years ago, a great frontier was constructed in the universe to protect the star League of Planets from its enemy, the evil KO-DAN. But now a defector has given the key to the frontier to the KO-DAN, and Starfighters from throughout the galaxy are needed to defend theipeace. One recruiter, the alien scalawag Centauri, visits Earth to fill his quota of recruits and finds Alex, an 18-year-old Earthling with an extraordinary talent for video game wizardry. Alex is quickly propelled into the regions of outer space to join others from planets throughout the Star League to fight a war to save the universe. ..

Us release date: July 13, 1984

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Us poster from the movie The Last Starfighter

Main Cast

  • Enduran
  • Lord Kril
  • Alex Rogan / Beta Alex
  • Grig
  • Maggie Gordon
  • Jane Rogan
  • Xur
  • Centauri
  • Louis Rogan
  • Rylan Bursar
  • Kodan Officer
  • Rylan Technician
  • Friendly Alien
  • Underling
  • Rylan Spy

Also Known As

  • Последний звёздный боец (inc)

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