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It is a time where Good and Evil constantly fight one against the other. On one side, the Emperor of the first interstellar circle, on the other side Count Zarth Arn who uses diabolic weapons to rule over the galaxy. In this star cluster in war are rogues and other space villains. Among them, the superb one and torrid Stella Star and Akton, his mysterious and insipid assistant. In spite of their astonishing aptitude for driving spaceships, those ones are arrested by Thor and his police robot Helias, from the interstellar police forces.

Judged and condemned to forced work, the Emperor proposes them a deal; in exchange of the erasure of their debts towards the Empire, they must achieve a mission : find back Simon, the only son of the Emperor and destroy the frightening secret weapon which could give Zarth Arn the advantage in his conquest of the galaxy...
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Us release date: March 09, 1979

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Us poster from the movie Starcrash

Main Cast

  • Akton
  • Stella Star
  • The Emperor
  • Prince Simon
  • Thor
  • Count Zarth Arn
  • Queen of the Amazons
  • Elle
  • Elle (voice: English version

Also Known As

  • Столкновение звёзд (inc)
  • Female Space Invaders (inc)
  • Stella Star (inc)
  • Star Crash (us)
  • The Adventures of Stella Star (us)

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