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A top secret DNA experiment on a rare breed of spider goes horrifically wrong as a freak meteor shower engulfs a NASA shuttle on a deep space mission. Tragedy hits the doomed space-craft as it is re-directed to a secret location in the heart of the California desert. The only survivor has been inpregnated with the venom of a rogue killer spider.

In the depths of a secret underground base another killer spider hatches from the body of the space shuttle survivor. An X-Files-style conspiracy creates and unleashes murderous mutant spiders feeding on their victims and growing in size after each kill. Mayhem ensues as a giant killer spider stomps through the streets of LA!
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Us poster from the movie Spiders

Main Cast

  • Marci Eyre
  • John Murphy
  • Slick
  • Jake
  • Agent Gray
  • Technician
  • Emma
  • Commander Hooper
  • Docteur Ellis
  • Jacobs
  • Max
  • Joe Martindale
  • Loretta Martindale
  • Phil
  • Colonel Dixon


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Cobwebs (us)

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