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Spider-Man 3




Peter Parker has finally managed to strike a balance between his devotion to M.J. and his duties as a superhero. But there is a storm brewing on the horizon. As Spider-Man basks in the public's adulation for his accomplishments and he is pursued by Gwen Stacy, who rivals M.J. for his affections, Peter becomes overconfident and starts to neglect the people who care about him most. His newfound self-assuredness is jeopardized when he faces the battle of his life against two of the most feared villains ever, whose unparalleled power and thirst for retribution threaten Peter and everyone he loves...

British release date: May 04, 2007
Us release date: May 04, 2007

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Us poster from the movie Spider-Man 3

Main Cast

  • Spider-Man / Peter Parker
  • Mary Jane Watson
  • New Goblin / Harry Osborn
  • Sandman / Flint Marko
  • Venom / Eddie Brock
  • Gwen Stacy
  • May Parker
  • J. Jonah Jameson
  • Capitaine Stacy
  • Emma Marko
  • Dr. Curt Connors
  • Joseph 'Robbie' Ro
  • Maître d'
  • Miss Brant
  • Hoffman


$258 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$890 875 000

Also Known As

  • 3 (us)
  • Spider-Man 3: The IMAX Experience (us)

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