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An assassin named Al Simmons is double-crossed and murdered by his evil boss Jason Wynn. Al makes a deal with the devil and returns to earth as Spawn to see his wife. He is ordered by the devil's minion, The Clown, to kill Wynn. Wynn has made a deal with the clown too and is suppose to destroy the world with a deadly virus that will help start Armageddon and allow Hell to attack Heaven. Spawn must choose between Good & Evil.

British release date: September 19, 1997
Us release date: August 01, 1997

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Us poster from the movie Spawn

Main Cast

  • Al Simmons / Spawn
  • Clown / Violator
  • Jason Wynn
  • Wanda Blake
  • Cogliostro
  • Terry Fitzgerald
  • Jessica Priest
  • Zack
  • Cyan
  • Glen, Zack's Dad
  • The Devil Malebolgia (voix)
  • XNN Reporter
  • African Liaison
  • News Anchor
  • Punk #1



$40 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$87 949 000

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