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Space Truckers




The Year is 2196-John Canyon is a down-on-his-luck independent trucker trying to keep an honest living transporting loads across the solar system in his rocket powered rig. In a last ditch effort to stay in business rather than being forced into teaming up with the "Corporation", Canyon joins forces with Mike Pucci to pull off a dangerous transport - contents unknown. At over five times the going rate, it's an offer they can't refuse. With the help from stowaway the trio set out on an adventure they will never forget. To make the scheduled deadline, Canyon abandons the usual shipping lanes and heads for the scum cluster - a war zone of bandits, black rocks and rogue asteroids - where they eventually are hi-jacked by the Regalia, a pirate worship headed by Captain Mocanudo. It is here the secret of the mystery containers is revealed and the battle for the universe begins!

Irish release date: July 18, 1997
British release date: May 23, 1997

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Also Known As

  • Star Truckers (inc)

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